Underground Squirrel Studio photo

Underground Squirrel Studio is a physical structure designated to the production, recording, learning, teaching, practice, and composition of music. It is located in the center of an ex-industrial city by the name of Rockford, Illinois.

Rockford is a town built by blue-collar workers who feared god almost as much as they feared change. Modern day Rockford is home to children, desperate to make sense of their forefather’s table scraps. The arts have long been a coping mechanism for the citizens of this town. For many, the personal need for creative expression runs as strong as the river that divides this little slice of America. Underground Squirrel Studio was founded in 2007 by Micky Rosenquist. It was intended to be a creative outlet for the local talent but has since become an intersection for artists / performers /musicians throughout the middle-west.


Underground Squirrel Studio has recorded / produced many up-and-coming artists / bands, composed scores for various films / commercial projects, and audio books / voice over projects.


Micky is a multi-instrumentalist musician who holds an A.A. and B.A. in Music. He offers private instruction on various instruments along with music theory, ear training, and composition/song-writing. On the side, Micky teaches for Rock and Roll Institute ( Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center ) — a rock & roll music camp for kids. He also teaches Audio Production COM 156, Advanced Audio Production COM 256, and Applied Percussion MUS 128/228 for Rock Valley College in Rockford.

Underground Squirrel Studio welcomes all kinds of recording projects and music students. We cater our recording rates to your particular needs. Lesson rates are $30 per hour. Contact us for more information.